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stella six - Press & Public Relations - Reputation Management

Welcome to Stella Six!
Neville Street established Stella Six in 2001, after a period with Shropshire Chamber of Commerce and as the marketing manager for the Learning & Skills Council Shropshire.

Stella Six services organisations that maybe havenít the capacity or the need to employ a full-time press or PR officer, but appreciate the benefit of regular press coverage or a well-planned PR campaign.

Why the name Stella Six? A long time ago back in school days my pals and I thought we were budding poets. So, we wrote some poems, enough for a small anthology in fact. We didn't know what to call it though so in true artistic spirit opened a book at a random page, placed a forefinger on two words... and so Stella's Face our first book of poetry went to print. The second was entitled Stella Too, the third and fourth a bumper edition Three 4 Stella and then we all disappeared off to college.

A pact was made and we agreed that any creative activity would be carried out under the nom de plume of Stella. My next endeavour was a record label. Stella Five was established in 1988. Stella Six came next and the last ten years or so, as they say, is history!

Stella Seven, the first online-only distributor for Alcoa Fastening Systems' Recoil brand of products was launched in May 2010. Recoil thread repair kits are predominately used to repair damaged threads in a variety of automotive applications such as wheel bolts, spark plugs, brake callipers, oil sump and drain plugs; as well as a number of electronics, power generation and other general industrial applications. Check out if you're ever in need!

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