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Stella Six has helped us to focus on the positive aspects of our business. We’ve gained some credible press coverage through a steady stream of good news stories that have enhanced JoraPh’s reputation with existing and potential new customers. What makes the relationship so much better is that working with the company is easy, everyone works better in an environment they are comfortable with. We are also learning from Stella Six on how to be more constructive internally – everyone in JoraPh is benefiting from this connection.
David Phizacklea MD, JoraPh Consulting Ltd
I have used many PR consultants over the years – Neville is spot on. Good value, gets the job done and believe it or not – we get the coverage in the press!
Peter Riches, MD, BeVivid Ltd
Neville has provided quality editorial to support our clients’ advertisements. The articles are clear, concise and interesting.
Gareth Cadwallader, Display Sales Manager, Shropshire Group of Newspapers