Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings introduces high strength 12.7mm diameter Huck® Magna-Lok® fastener

January 12, 2016

Telford, UK 12 January, 2016 – Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings (AFSR) announces the launch of its new 12.7mm (or half-inch) diameter Huck® Magna-Lok® structural blind fastener. It is the strongest product of its type available on the market.

The large diameter 12.7mm Magna-Lok fastener has extremely high shear (44.4Kn) and tensile (31.1Kn) strengths, plus high resistance to joint failure. It offers 60 and 57 percent respective increases in shear and tensile strengths when compared to its predecessor, the R12 9.5mm fastener. The higher strength capability provides the user with the option of installing fewer fasteners per application, thus facilitating a reduced inventory, faster production times and potentially resulting in lighter-weight products.

In addition to its high strength, the new product has all of the features of the standard Magna-Lok blind fastener, including a wide grip range to accommodate large variations in joint thickness, and 360° internal locking technology which enables the pin to be mechanically locked to the sleeve. Its expansion during installation also provides excellent joint tightness and high-quality resistance to liquid penetration. The 12.7mm diameter Magna-Lok fastener has been approved by the widely recognised Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).

“Customers looking to improve their assembly processes, and in particular the construction industry, can greatly benefit from the high shear and tensile strength of the new 12.7mm diameter Magna-Lok fastener”, said Joël Melquiot, AFSR product manager for Huck and Marson brands. “We also see many applications for this product in the commercial transportation, green energy and agriculture markets due to the high resistance to joint failure.”

Pictures: The new 12.7mm diameter Huck Magna-Lok® structural blind fastener.

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Among the products offered by the AFSR industrial division are the internationally successful brands Huck-Spin®, Camloc®, Recoil®, Keensert®, Simmonds® and SNEP®. The Huck fastening elements from AFSR are used among others in private cars, trailers, commercial vehicle construction and railway carriages. The heavy-duty systems were designed to solve problems due to extreme tension and vibration between joined materials. They provide high stability and facilitate more lightweight, stronger and more durable structures. The Huck family includes small and large diameter lockbolts, medium and heavy-duty blind rivets and accompanying installation tooling. The product range based on Lou Huck’s original drawing of the first lockbolt made 50 years ago, and now known worldwide as a HuckBolt®, has been continually improved.

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