Discounted canvas print artwork goes on sale at Reviive in time for Christmas

November 28, 2014

A Shropshire recycling and resale centre has received a surprise donation of 700 brand new pieces of printed artwork, which it plans to offer customers at a discounted price in time for Christmas.

Reviive will be selling the products, comprising either one (79cm x 58cm portrait, 50cm x 101cm landscape) or a set of three (121cm x 90cm portrait) full-colour canvases, which vary in design. They are on sale through its outlets in Chester, Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Telford as well as online at for £10 each. Online orders will include a delivery charge.

Corrie Ellis, online sales and marketing co-ordinator at Reviive, said: “This donation to Reviive is a fantastic addition to the continuously growing and diverse range of products we offer. At only £10 and in most cases, vacuum wrapped in a protective plastic covering, the artwork canvases will make a wonderful gift to brighten up the home or office and are now on sale, in time for Christmas.”

Pictures: Corrie Ellis, online sales and marketing co-ordinator and apprentice Ryan Hosiene, Reviive.

Reviive picture donations 1 Reviive picture donations 2





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About Reviive
Reviive was established in 2010 by two Shropshire based charities – Shropshire Housing Alliance and South Shropshire Furniture Scheme. It has four centres, three in Shropshire at Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Telford and one in Chester. The Chester centre is a member of Cheshire Furniture Re-use Forum.

Reviive is a social enterprise and its aims are to directly help young people and the long-term unemployed with opportunities to work in a supportive environment and learn and grow in confidence so they can enter the job market in a stronger position.

Reviive’s profits supports charities that work with homeless people, women fleeing domestic violence, young people having to leave the family home as well people facing health problems and needing to change and re-build their lives.

For more information about Reviive, contact:
Julian Price, managing director
Tel: 01743 442642
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