E4environment appoint new senior environmental consultant

July 10, 2014

Jane Yardley has been appointed as the new senior consultant at Shrewsbury based E4environment.

44-year-old Yardley holds a degree in applied biology and a PhD in food biochemistry. Prior to joining E4environment she was an events co-ordinator and researcher at the Marches Environmental Technology Network (metnet).

Reporting to director Mandy Stoker, her duties and responsibilities include the management and advice on permitting and planning applications for renewable energy installations, environmental management systems for businesses from any sector and assistance on implementing biodiversity and carbon offsetting.

Commenting on Yardley’s role and its importance to the company, Mandy Stoker said: “Jane joins us at an exciting time in E4environment’s development. Her knowledge and project management skills will be invaluable as we expand and react to the demands and needs of businesses and organisations which are in turn responding to increased confidence in the economy as it pulls out of recession.”

Jane Yardley said: “The experience from working at metnet combined with my scientific background and qualifications will enable me to help E4environment’s clients access and integrate environmental practices into their operating systems with the aim of achieving long-term sustainability. This is a great opportunity for me to work with businesses and organisations requiring guidance and support in finding ways to reduce their environmental impact and of course improve their bottom line.

“We still require a shift in mind-set to accept that there are not infinite ‘traditional’ power generation resources. Scandinavia and Europe have many examples where successful models for community energy generation provide clean renewable energy, helping to ensure business sustainability and continuity. The key is also to use less energy and resources and by doing so, we won’t need to generate or manufacture as much. E4enviornment provides valuable support to businesses to ensure they are maximising their business operations, reducing any waste both in terms of energy and resources and saving them money.”

Picture: Jane Yardley, senior environmental consultant, E4environment.

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