Green Achiever: Dataquest joins elite band of organisations with third consecutive Green Achiever scheme gold status attainment

February 10, 2014

Dataquest UK, which supplies and maintains digital photocopiers, telecommunications, IT and document management solutions, has attained gold standard status for the third year running under a scheme that recognises and rewards organisations’ commitment to the environment.

Having originally signed up to Green Achiever in May 2008, the London based company initially gained silver status in March 2010 and its first gold in June 2011. It continues to demonstrate a keen enthusiasm for environmental issues which are increasingly incorporated to the company’s operating procedures.

Some of the most recent steps taken include: the specification of all new low energy, low power supply office computers to individual users, the introduction of IP phones which shut down automatically when not in use and therefore draw less energy, the use of e-invoicing and universal leasing documents to reduce paper usage, the monitoring of waste for type and weight in an effort to effectively dispose of it and the installation of a plumbed-in water cooler system rather than bottled water coolers with plastic cups.

Ian Bacon, head of professional services at Dataquest, which is now only one of six organisations or businesses in the UK to hold triple gold status, said: “In addition, to carrying out internal procedures, through review and monitoring, our environmental policy also looks at how we can positively influence our customers, for example, Dataquest actively helps its clients with strategies to reduce wasteful and unnecessary print output. Additionally our sales team are trained to understand the environmental impacts and life cycle assessments of the products they sell. The establishment of an environmental committee made up of people from across the business continues to help us to provide a focus for initiating and implementing improvement.”

Deborah Cairns, operations manager at E4environment, with specific responsibility for the Green Achiever scheme, said: “The staff and management at Dataquest are demonstrating a conviction to the environment that not only sets a standard for others to follow but will also save the business money. Congratulations to them on gaining gold status for the third time.”

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About the Green Achiever scheme
Developed by environmental consultancy E4 environment, a business or organisation interested in the Green Achiever scheme will start by registering free at , complete a short questionnaire to outline its responsibilities and receive a bespoke environmental regulations report and a listing in the Green Achiever online directory. Members choose whether to progress to self-assessment or go straight for silver/gold. Self-assessment includes the development of a declaration of environmental commitment. The silver and gold awards are attained following an extensive environmental audit that requires a company to demonstrate the positive action taken in the way it cares for the environment.

For more information about Green Achiever and E4environment:
Deborah Cairns, operations manager
Tel: 01743 343403
Email:   or

For information about Dataquest, contact:
Ian Bacon, head of professional services
Tel:  020 7392 8445