Green Achiever: Lane Ends Dental Practice attains green achiever scheme gold status

June 25, 2014

Preston based Lane Ends Dental Practice has become the first dental practice in the country to attain Green Achiever gold award status, highlighting its commitment to the environment.

Having been self-assessed on the scheme for a year and with a number of initiatives already in place the practice has made significant progress in reducing its consumption of energy, water and raw materials through, for example, the segregation of both clinical and non-clinical waste, with further separation of recyclable waste, energy-efficient LED and reflective fluorescent lighting and the use of digital X-rays, thus eliminating the need for traditional film-based chemicals.

Its achievement of gold status highlights recent environmental practices where Lane Ends’ changing policies and procedures have accommodated more eco-friendly systems. These include the recent introduction of a text message appointment reminder service, which is not only appreciated by its patients but has significantly reduced the quantity of paper, envelopes and ink previously required when sending out postal reminders. A change to its stock ordering policy will also benefit the environment. Where once frequent, ordering now takes place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This has reduced the quantity of cardboard delivery boxes and paper invoices but most significantly the number of delivery visits and fuel emission levels, and ultimately the practice’s carbon footprint.

Dr Tehranian, dentist, stated: “Having now attained this accolade our aim is to continuously improve. We will be measuring performance in all the key environmental impact areas and creating baseline data in order to look at setting reduction targets as well as assessing the environmental credentials of our suppliers. Long-term options include the switch to a green energy provider and a feasibility study on the option of generating our own energy by installing solar panels. It’s an exciting time for everyone at Lane Ends and we’re proud to be the first dental practice in the UK to achieve gold status!”

Deborah Cairns, operations manager at E4environment, with specific responsibility for the Green Achiever scheme, said: “The team at Lane Ends Dental Practice have demonstrated a conviction to the environment that sets a standard for others to follow. Each improvement they have made demonstrates the synergy between good environmental performance, excellent customer service and commercial success. Congratulations to everyone at Lane Ends.”

Picture: Dr Tehranian, dentist, Lane Ends Dental Practice

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About the Green Achiever scheme
Developed by environmental consultancy E4 environment, a business or organisation interested in the Green Achiever scheme will start by registering free at, complete a short questionnaire to outline its responsibilities and receive a bespoke environmental regulations report and a listing in the Green Achiever online directory. Members choose whether to progress to self-assessment or go straight for silver/gold. Self-assessment includes the development of a declaration of environmental commitment. The silver and gold awards are attained following an extensive environmental audit that requires a company to demonstrate the positive action taken in the way it cares for the environment.

For more information about Green Achiever and E4environment:
Deborah Cairns, operations manager
Tel: 01743 343403

For more information about Lane Ends Dental Practice, contact:
Rebecca Clarke, practice manager
Tel: 01772 726932

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