Howmet Fastening Systems: HFS launches Huck BV13 and BV17 battery tools for large diameter lockbolts and blind rivets

October 14, 2022

Telford, UK – Howmet Fastening Systems (HFS), manufacturer of the Huck® range of vibration-proof fasteners and installation tools engineered for use in safety-critical applications, has responded to customer demand by launching two new revolutionary battery powered installation tools.

Developed in conjunction with Makita, they have been specifically designed by HFS for use in the installation of larger Huck lockbolts up to 14mm (BV17) and structural blind rivets up to 12.7mm (BV13). Like the Huck® Range Force BV4500, they also feature a class-leading, electronically adjustable pulling force for the installation of pintail-less lockbolts.

Aimed at a variety of industrial sectors from rail and agriculture to renewable energy the tools, which are equally as suitable for use on production line fastener installation, in-field repair as well as in-situ machinery assembly, have the power to deliver up to an impressive 1000 installations per charge.

Joël Melquiot, Huck product manager at HFS, said: “Huck is a well-respected brand of products with a strong reputation for engineering reliable, superior quality fasteners and tooling that work to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. The new BV13 and BV17 tools are available to solve issues our customers were facing around the need to install large diameter fasteners in locations not suitable for bulky equipment or trailing hoses and cables.”

Information about the new Huck BV13 and BV17 tools, including specifications and compatibility data, is available by downloading the flyer here.

For more information about the Huck BV13 and BV17 tools, or to speak to an engineer, please email

Picture: (left to right) The new Huck BV17 and BV13 installation tools.