Magnese makes security cool, slick and simple with latest Push2Lock offering

March 19, 2015

Innovative and robust cable lock secure devices with the push of a thumb and provides instant locking with key and combination lock options for ultimate versatility

Lamport, Northants, 19 March 2015 – Magnese®, the UK designer and developer of innovative IT accessories, has announced the latest version of its Push2Lock security cable lock, featuring an even slimmer design that is versatile, robust and remarkably easy to use.

Push2Lock enables either a normal key or a four-digit combination to lock and release a device. It is also designed to be really simple to use – it can be locked with the push of a thumb.

Magnese is a UK designer and developer of specialist accessories products. It operates from a converted milking parlour in Northamptonshire and works exclusively through channel partners. Push2Lock was originally created to meet the specific needs of a large corporate organisation. The customer in question could not find anything that would both meet its needs exactly and would not break or malfunction on a frequent basis. Magnese was called in by a reseller partner to devise a solution.

Jonnie Davis, Chief Inspiration Officer for Magnese, tells the story. “We were contacted by a reseller that had a customer with a problem. Quite simply, we solved it, designing the product, producing a prototype and delivering the first order within 45 days. The product has since become a globally-approved product for that corporate customer. The reseller, happily, continues to service its needs.”

The new version of Push2Lock is designed to be versatile enough to meet the needs of just about any organisation, says Jonnie. “Since we designed the original, we’ve had lots of discussions with customers about how they need cable locks that their users can actually use and will meet their security standards. We studied how people locked their laptops and it proved to be a fiddle, involving keys, two hands and no small amount of frustration.

“We thought it would be great if you could lock a laptop with the push of a button, so we designed a robust push-to-lock cable lock for people who wanted key locks, combination locks and even those that wanted both. That became Push2Lock and it’s become one of our best-selling products.”

In keeping with the original concept, Push2Lock can be customised to meet the particular needs. Magnese can produce versions with master keys, dual locking systems and peripheral locks for all sorts of computing devices – and with a surprisingly short lead-time.

Magnese is already well-established as a supplier of customised technology accessories to corporate and specialist resellers. There are over 100 products in the Magnese range, which comprises security locks and mains chargers for laptops, cables, connectors and privacy filters for use in the office or on the move. Many of solutions are unique in today’s market, having first been designed – like the Push2Lock – to meet a particular customer need.

This approach is the core of Magnese’s approach, says Jonnie Davis. “We are not a conventional design and manufacturing business. We create solutions that solve precise or exceptional problems and the chances are that if one customer has that problem, so do many others.“

Magnese creates all the initial concepts and designs for its own products independently and sells its products only through channel partners. It will fully customise products to meet the needs of end user organisations on behalf of resellers.

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About Magnese
Magnese was formed in 2006, based on an idea scribbled on a beer-mat. It works with a select group of resellers and manufacturers in the UK and globally, to provide solutions that fit the needs and budgets of enterprise businesses that want to get the very best out of their investment in mobility and IT solutions. Through these partners, Magnese has already built up an impressive list of end-user customers that includes British Telecom, HSBC, Santander, BSKYB, The Bank of England, Boots, BP, the MOD, and many more illustrious names. For many of these customers, Magnese has produced customised products. Magnese operates from a converted milking parlour in rural Northamptonshire.

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