Reviive signs up to second annual #buynothingnew day to offer an alternative to Black Friday

November 9, 2018

A national event first launched last year as an ethical shopping alternative to Black Friday, will return to Shropshire again in 2018.

Resale and recycling social enterprise Reviive will be promoting Buy Nothing New Day on Friday 23 November. In addition Reviive will be offering a ten percent discount to all customers purchasing from either of its outlets in Oswestry and Shrewsbury.

Buy Nothing Day was first started by Canadian artist Ted Dave in 1992 to raise awareness of blatant consumerism. Adopted by the Furniture Re-use Network the concept was launched for the first time last year.

Buy Nothing New Day aims to dispel the myth that second-hand, is second-best. Donating to or buying from local charities enables them to provide essential support and services to those in need.

Reviive retail manager Julie Hotchkiss said: “Last year’s event helped to raise awareness of the social benefits of reuse in our local community. This year’s tagline is ‘small act, big impact’, which if you take into account that £8Bn¹ was spent on Black Friday in 2017, just shows how much each small act can add up to. Imagine the financial support worthy causes could benefit from if even an eighth of that figure was spent in re-use stores across the UK?”

People making a purchase on 23 November are encouraged to post a selfie or photo outside a Reviive outlet and include the hashtag #BuyNothingNew.

Picture: Dan Wood, volunteer and Simon Hilton, store manager, outside Reviive, Shrewsbury.

¹ Source: Furniture Re-Use Network (FRN)