Derek’s volunteer job at Reviive has upcycled his life as well as the organisation’s donated furniture

July 23, 2018

A volunteer job, which began nine months ago at Shropshire recycling and upcycling social enterprise Reviive, has enabled a Telford man to discover ‘a new outlook on life.’

58-year-old Derek Murphy, who suffers from periods of anxiety and depression, brought about by a combination of the passing of his father, long periods of unemployment and 20 years caring for his disabled mother, was introduced to Reviive by his support worker. Following a brief interview, he started two days per week upcycling furniture in October 2017, a position he believes has radically changed his circumstances.

Derek said: “Coming to work at Reviive has provided me with a new outlook on life, and an increased confidence and self- esteem I thought had deserted me. My anxiety and periods of feeling low are fewer, I’ve made some great new friends and I love what I do.”

Kevin Diss, commercial business development manager at Reviive, said: “Derek’s approach to the upcycling projects he carries out has exceeded all of our expectations. He holds a natural artistic flair and is very particular about the finish and his quality of work, which is reflected in the fact that it is soon sold when displayed in the showroom. Upcycling is definitely Derek’s niche and for Reviive to provide the opportunity to change his life through something as straightforward as a volunteering placement will we hope, encourage other people in a similar situation as Derek to consider the prospect.”

Picture: (left to right) Derek Murphy, volunteer and Kevin Diss, commercial business development manager at Reviive with a piece of Derek’s upcycled furniture.