Reviive issues ten top tips for public thinking of donating household items to the organisation

January 18, 2016

A Shropshire recycling and resale organisation has issued ten top tips for the public to consider when deciding whether or not to donate unwanted household goods to one of its reuse centres.

The plan, put together by Reviive is as follows:
1 Is the item to be donated in good condition?
2 Has the item been kept out of the rain and other potentially damaging weather?
3 And if so, does it have some useful life left in it?
4 Sofas and mattresses – must be clean and have a fire label
5 Electrical items – must be working and have the lead and plug attached. Only flat screen TVs accepted. Video cassette recorders/players are not accepted
6 White goods (ie washing machines) – must be ten years old or under
7 Wooden furniture – doesn’t have to be in perfect condition because it can be repaired or recycled
8 Flat pack and/or MDF based furniture – not accepted if damaged because it is difficult to repair
9 Donate and then consider buying as well – there is a one-off 15 per cent discount voucher for people who have made a donation
10 Use the reuse centre again – donations prolong the life of household goods, help people on low incomes buy good quality furniture, reduce landfill and contribute to saving the planet!

Donations can be made in person or through Reviive’s timetabled collection service. Commenting on the advice Julian Price MD at Reviive, said: “The world of reuse is often about opinions. That is to say everyone has an idea about what condition household items are in and whether they can be reused. It might be obvious but occasionally people are disappointed when we don’t accept items based on their condition or type, so we hope these ten tips will help with the decision process. If people are still unsure then they are of course, welcome to contact us for clarification.”

Reviive’s ten tips to reusing household items is available to view at each of its outlets in Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Telford, on its website at and its Facebook page at

Pictures: (left to right) Making a donation to Reviive is member of the public Brian Evans (far right) with (left to right) Tom Humphreys, warehouse assistant/driver and Les Lewis, volunteer, Reviive.

Reviive TPP 1 Reviive TPP 2







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About Reviive
Reviive was established in 2010 by two Shropshire based charities – Shropshire Housing Alliance and South Shropshire Furniture Scheme. It has four centres, three in Shropshire at Oswestry, Shrewsbury and Telford and one in Chester. The Chester centre is a member of Cheshire Furniture Re-use Forum.

Reviive is a social enterprise and its aims are to reduce landfill while directly help young people and the long-term unemployed with opportunities to work in a supportive environment and learn and grow in confidence so they can enter the job market in a stronger position.

Reviive’s profits supports charities that work with homeless people, women fleeing domestic violence, young people having to leave the family home as well people facing health problems and needing to change and re-build their lives.

For more information about Reviive, contact:
Julian Price, managing director
Tel: 01743 588458
Twitter: @Reviive