Restructure of Saxonby Group now complete as company looks forward to bright future

May 11, 2018

Following a period of restructuring and consolidation a Shropshire company is once again delivering its construction industry related contracts and growing the business.

From Derbyshire to Gloucestershire Saxonby (Group) Ltd is busy building open market and social housing developments, Saxonby Groundworks leads as one of the region’s key groundwork contractors and Saxonby Plant & Haulage continues to underpin the Group’s activities as well as offering muck-away services to the public.

James Wood, co-founder and group managing director at Saxonby (Group) Ltd said: “This has been a particularly tough period for the construction industry. Certain parts of the Saxonby Group were affected by the collapse of larger businesses in the sector and the downturn in output due to the adverse winter weather. However, in what are challenging economic times, the Group is now re-positioned to grow and thrive. Wherever possible, we will look to employ local suppliers and sub-contractors for work undertaken in the county and uphold our support for community projects.”

Picture: James Wood, Saxonby (Group) Ltd.