Stella Five: Indie music anniversary concert to return because ‘we had so much fun last year’

February 23, 2023

Following 2022’s event, a gig celebrating the release of an indie music label’s final recording, is scheduled to go ahead again this year at Albert & Co Frankville, Shrewsbury on Saturday 18 March.

Stella Five, the brainchild of Neville Street, was established in 1988 to release music recorded by his own band The Geekais. However, following The Geekais’ mini-album Nincompoop, Stella Five went on to issue singles by Scottish five-piece The Hardy Boys (Wonderful Lie) and Reading based singer-songwriter Tony Calderley (It Must Have Something To Do With Love).

Commenting on the concert Neville Street said: “I found out after 2022’s gig that some people had missed out, so it seemed a shame not to stage it again. In a slight change of plan and in addition to music from the Stella Five catalogue Stellarate, the house band for the evening, will play songs by artists that influenced the label mates, for example, Aztec Camera, Echo & The Bunnymen and Elvis Costello. We also have a number of guest appearances planned. I thought 2022’s concert would be a one-off and lamented the fact, until I was encouraged to revisit the concert for a second time. We had so much fun last year and it’s a privilege to play this nostalgic set of songs with such an excellent group of musicians.”

Entry is free and doors open at 7.30pm on 18 March at Albert & Co Frankville.

Pictures: Stellarate (left to right) – Adam Knight, Vin Whyte, Ian Fourie and Neville Street.