Synaxon partners with Webroot to offer MSPs the very best in endpoint security

May 5, 2015

Warrington, 05 May 2015 – Synaxon, the UK’s leading services group for IT resellers and office products dealers, has formed a partnership with Webroot, the leading provider of endpoint security solutions for managed services providers.

The agreement will see Synaxon market and promote Webroot’s SecureAnywhere client solution, which provides real-time antivirus and malware protection and enables simple and highly efficient remote management of multiple endpoints, to its extensive base of MSPs and resellers in the UK.

Webroot will support Synaxon’s team by providing marketing and technical support for the group and provide hands-on training and tuition as required. The company is also one of the major sponsors of the 2015 Synaxon UK National Conference, which takes place in six weeks time.

Webroot’s cloud-based SecureAnywhere solution diagnoses and protects against existing and developing threats in real time. The company’s unique journaling technology works like a backup and restore utility, monitoring changes made and giving administrators the ability to roll back to a previous known good state.

For MSPs, this drastically reduces the amount of time spent re-imaging machines after a virus outbreak as even with new and unknown threats, any malicious modifications made to an endpoint can be completely reversed. Partners who use the platform (Webroot has signed up over 1500 MSPs globally in the past 12 months) say it reduces AV admin by up to 90 percent. This can mean that the time taken the anti-malware software for an estate of 100 machines is cut from two to three hours week to less than 30 minutes.

Webroot’s products are exceptionally fast to deploy too. With no management servers, adding a new customer takes less than a minute. And because Webroot can be deployed alongside other AV products, the ‘rip and replace’ of migrating a new client from their incumbent antivirus software to Webroot can be done without any fuss; the old AV can be removed at some point in the future.

The endpoint client is also extremely lightweight, takes under three seconds to deploy and will scan in less than two minutes on average. It uses significantly less memory and CPU than the closest alternative1. Also, by not storing definitions locally, the amount of disk space typically needed is reduced to just 20Mb.

Derek Jones, Managing Director of Synaxon UK, said: “The Synaxon UK team is very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Webroot and take offer this innovative and market-leading security platform for MSPs to market. This is a great opportunity for our members to get involved with one of the very best anti-malware companies in the world.”

Commenting on behalf of Webroot, Fiona Linehan, EMEA Marketing Manager, stated: “Synaxon has a very strong and established community of MSPs in the UK, so it’s ideally placed to help us spread the word about our unique endpoint solutions and the tremendous business efficiency and protection that our award-winning SecureAnywhere suite delivers.”

Charles Tomeo, VP of Webroot is giving one of the keynote speeches at this year’s Synaxon National Conference, which will be held at Staverton Park, Daventry on 18th and 19th June. Webroot will also be exhibiting and demonstrating SecureAnywhere at the event. Resellers can register at, or call 0844 481 5844.

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Notes to Editors:

1 – According to tests by PassMark Software, see

About Synaxon
Synaxon is Europe’s largest grouping of independent IT resellers and system houses. It provides a range of services that enable resellers to enhance their marketing and build a strong presence in their chosen market and take full advantage of the extensive stock-holding and supply-chain capabilities of distributor and vendor partners. Synaxon partners have exclusive access to the unique EGIS (Enterprise Global Information System) on-line purchasing and information platform, through which they are able to locate, check availability and order products from Synaxon supplier partners. In addition, Synaxon provides a range of pro-active marketing services which reseller members can use to drive sales activity.

Synaxon is already well-established in Germany, where it has nearly 3000 partners that generate around €3 billion of gross external sales annually, representing 15 per cent of the German market. Through EGIS, these member partners have access to more than 200,000 products from over 200 distributors. Synaxon UK was established in September 2008 (fully launched in January 2009) and now has a UK reseller membership of 630 independent resellers with combined revenues of around £700 million of gross external sales.

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